Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Rekomendasi :)

akhir-akhir ini gue ga lagi buka twitter soalnya twitter gue rusak.
Q : emang twitter bisa rusak ya?
A : Whatever, yg jelas gue udah ga bisa sign in pake account gue.

dan gue juga udh jarang maen facebook, tapi sesekali gue buka lewat hape... Keromyon (kalau begitu), contact gue di facebook aja..

Huah... gue lagi ketagihan maen LOOKLET sama ngikutin blognya JANE ALDRIDGE
kedua situs itu berhubungan dengan fashion. Kalo looklet itu semacam permainan, kalo blognya Jane namanya SEA OF SHOES. Cobain deh!!! Hehe.

thanks buat adek gue yang memperkenalkan situs-situs tadi :)

PS: info ini dipersembahkan untuk orang2 yg belum tahu aja. Yang udah tau mah ignore aja tulisan gue ini, -..-

Song of the day buat gue

Vierra – Perih


tak pernah menyadari


yang telah kau miliki

kau buang aku, tinggalkan diriku

kau… hancurkan aku seakan ku tak pernah ada

Aku kan bertahan

meski takkan mungkin

menerjang kisahnya

walau perih… walau perih…


aku terlalu cinta


semua kan kembali

kau buang aku,tinggalkan diriku

kau.. hancurkan aku

seakan ku tak pernah ada

Aku kan bertahan

meski takkan mungkin

menerjang kisahnya

walau perih… walau perih…

Aku kan bertahan

meski takkan mungkin

menerjang kisahnya

walau perih…

Aku kan bertahan

meski takkan mungkin

menerjang kisahnya

walau perih… walau perih…

walau perih….walau perih…

Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Cerewet tapi membantu, haha

ohiya, ini gw juga ngesave chatingan gw sama orang Aussie yg namanya Eric..
Asik orangnya... terus wawasan ttg pendidikan juga luas,,, oiya dia ank Monash University.. hehe.. here is the chat:
Omegle conversation log
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
Stranger: There was once this boy named shitface
Stranger: he was from kuntuckey
Stranger: and he loved turkey
Stranger: one day he was walking down the street
Stranger: and met a man named David
Stranger: David said to him
Stranger: "why is your name Shitface?"
Stranger: shitface replied, "no reason, i decided to call myself that, by the way, can i have your money?"
Stranger: David was a little confused, "sorry what?"
Stranger: "your money? can i have it" Shitface flashed a switchblade
Stranger: "Fuck you shitface." David punched shitface in the face
Stranger: and it turned into shit
Stranger: the end
Stranger: thankyou for listening
You: haha where are u from?
Stranger: Australia
Stranger: yourself?
You: Indonesia
Stranger: ah yeah
Stranger: what is it like over there
You: mild, traffic everywhere
Stranger: ok
Stranger: where abouts in indonesia?
You: jakarta
Stranger: oo pretty place
You: have u been here?
Stranger: no
Stranger: seen pictures
Stranger: that's about it really
Stranger: you ever been to australia?
Stranger: i'm from Melbourne
You: no.
You: but i really want to
Stranger: no offense
You: is it a good place to go?
Stranger: but i don't think i'll like indonesia
Stranger: too humid
You: yeah, even getting hotter
Stranger: than i'll die
Stranger: if it's anything like signapore
Stranger: far far far down south
Stranger: that's a little depressing
Stranger: up
Stranger: australia's got a very very dry heat
Stranger: with very very strange wildlife
Stranger: unfortunately a lot of the national parks have been really..well...made family friendly
Stranger: with handraides, woodern platforms etc
Stranger: it's kinda lame
Stranger: because the sense of loosing yourself in the wilderness is largely lost
Stranger: it's essentially a giant dessert
You: wow
You: let me guess your age
Stranger: that is unless you go to tasmania
Stranger: ok
You: mmm, 17?
Stranger: 19
Stranger: is that bad?
Stranger: how old are you?
You: no, i'm 16
Stranger: oh
Stranger: oh wow
Stranger: so young
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: (admittedly i'm quite immature)
Stranger: you make me feel old
Stranger: :(
Stranger: i just had flashbacks at what i did when i was 16
You: what's wrong with 16?
Stranger: nothing!
Stranger: it was one of the best years so far
Stranger: did absolutely shithouse acedemically
Stranger: but socially it was freaken awesome
You: is that bad talking to older people?
Stranger: no
Stranger: talking to poeple your age is the worst
Stranger: well
Stranger: not worst
Stranger: but you gain the least
Stranger: i find
Stranger: you gain more talking to older people
Stranger: because they have more life experience to share
Stranger: at least that's what older people tell me
You: you're right
Stranger: and it's good talking to younger people
Stranger: because they tell you a lot about yourself
You: aha
Stranger: given that you have a sense of self reflection
You: so?
Stranger: hmm?
You: ok\
Stranger: 16, you'll still be in school year?
You: do you go to college?
You: yes, grade 11
Stranger: oh wow grade 11?
Stranger: i was in grade 10 when i was 16
Stranger: um
Stranger: that makes you a youngling!
Stranger: yes in college
Stranger: Monash University
Stranger: if you've heard of it
You: yes i know
You: i hope i can go there when i graduate
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: what do you plan on taking?
Stranger: course
Stranger: as in
You: bachelor degree
Stranger: of?
Stranger: there's like
Stranger: everything under the sun
Stranger: arts, engineering, visual arts, design, archi, commerce, science, law, medicine
Stranger: ...
You: still confuse
Stranger: well
Stranger: for example
You: being 16 is tough
Stranger: i'm doing a Bachelor of Engineering
You: i can't choose
Stranger: really?
Stranger: umm
Stranger: why not?
You: yes.. because education in indonesia
You: is not like in australia or singapore
Stranger: what is it like?
You: too much subject to learn
You: but we only know all the subjects generally
Stranger: i see
Stranger: so you feel like you're learning a bit about everything
Stranger: but everythign is so very breif
Stranger: so it feels a little pointless
You: yeah, that makes my ideal disappear
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: when i was 16
Stranger: i was doing...
Stranger: English, maths, science, history, geography, latin, art
Stranger: science covered quite a few bits of random stuff from biology, science and chemistry
Stranger: it was all very brief
Stranger: but i guess that was year 10
Stranger: the work was easy
You: actually, i'm about the same with you
Stranger: and it was really to give every student a taste of the subjects that you're to pick for the final years
Stranger: which are geared towards a competition for a government funded univeristy placement
You: wow cool
Stranger: so like
Stranger: final year 12
Stranger: is crazy
Stranger: everyone who's doing 12 are enrolled in a system called VCE, in which everyone is graded with each other, and given a score out of 100
You: is it hard to get university in Au?
Stranger: um
Stranger: no
Stranger: it's quite easy actually
Stranger: given that you work hard
Stranger: but like
You: is there any requirement for international student like me?
Stranger: doing medicine, law requires a ranking of like 98+
Stranger: commerce was like..97 ish?
Stranger: engineering was 93 this year at monash
Stranger: this is only at Monash uni though
You: so i have to take the foundation year first?
Stranger: there are heaps of different universities that intake different rankings
Stranger: um
Stranger: you might
Stranger: i'm not sure
Stranger: your english seems pretty good
Stranger: i guess you might have an entry exam or something
Stranger: or they might have a look at how well you did at highschool
Stranger: i dunno
You: what is entry exam?
Stranger: exam to get into unversity
Stranger: or scholarship
Stranger: but i think it's different from international students
Stranger: you might have to pay more =\
Stranger: currently i dont pay a cent for my univeristy education
You: how to get the scholarship?
Stranger: it's paid by the government until i get a job earning above a certain pay bracket
Stranger: scholarship?
Stranger: um
Stranger: i think you either have to do really well in highschool
Stranger: or you can apply to do one
Stranger: pending on the course that you want to get into?
You: where should i apply?
Stranger: um
Stranger: i dunno
Stranger: depends what you want to do
Stranger: some unversities are better at thing than others
Stranger: i don't know about universiities of other states
Stranger: but in Victoria
You: i have lack of informations about this
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: are there 13 years of highschool? or 12?
You: 12
Stranger: oh
Stranger: hang on
Stranger: brb
Stranger: i have to help my mother with the computer
Stranger: she's so incompetant with it
Stranger: but keep talking
Stranger: i shouldn't be long
You: i choose Science class but still study history
You: ok i'll stay
You: my school is really popular in town
You: today i attended a silver reunion of class '84
You: and it's really fun
You: they can work and have a carrier according to what they like to do
You: one of them is a senior finance manager in World Bank
Stranger: ah yeah cool
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: but
Stranger: i think
Stranger: um
Stranger: are there any good universities around where you're from?
Stranger: because it's quite hard being an international student
You: yes, univ. of indonesia
Stranger: in australia
Stranger: because public transport here is crap
Stranger: and expensive
You: yeah but transportation in Indonesia is crap too
You: but REAL CHEAP... :)
Stranger: haha
Stranger: fair enough
Stranger: what time is it over there anyway?
You: 9pm
You: there?
Stranger: 12:01
Stranger: nightime
You: wow, still awake/
You: ?
Stranger: yeah
You: i think
Stranger: i shouldn't be though
Stranger: i have uni tomorrow
You: it's good to build a network with u
You: do you have msn/fb?
Stranger: i'm not that reliable
Stranger: lol
Stranger: er
Stranger: i'm trying to decide which one to give you
Stranger: msn
You: but you answer all my question
Stranger: ah
Stranger: but
Stranger: i dunno
Stranger: i might eb wrong haha
Stranger: i'm only 19
You: i want to make friends
You: it's a rare oppurtunity to meet a nice chatting friend
You: lol
You: fyi: i'm not a nerd at school
Stranger: haha
Stranger: I WAS!
Stranger: well
Stranger: sort of
You: haha
You: i'm a half maybe
Stranger: well
You: because i care about school
You: but i like to play too
Stranger: with me
Stranger: see
Stranger: i dont get this
Stranger: the stereotypical nerd
Stranger: in my opinion
Stranger: doens't exist
Stranger: just because he does well at school
Stranger: doesn't really make friends at school
Stranger: doesn't mean that he has no friends
Stranger: i was suprised at this guy at highschool
Stranger: he was always alone at highschool
Stranger: or he had like one friend
Stranger: (i went to a all boys school)
Stranger: i remember seeing him once outside of school at a park
Stranger: it was like him
Stranger: and like 7 other girls
Stranger: totally pimping
You: sorry are you a boy or girl?
Stranger: oh lol
Stranger: boy
Stranger: boy boy boy
You: i totally forget
You: hahaha
Stranger: haha
Stranger: i don't think i told you
You: in my school
You: there are less boys
Stranger: i see
You: but sometimes my school is known as
You: a good school
You: with a student fight and seniority
Stranger: ayeah
You: but solidarity is number one
You: lol
You: i guess
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: i was lucky enough to go to a private school
Stranger: catholic private school
You: i'm in public school
You: because it's better here
Stranger: really?
Stranger: often it's the other way around
You: i mean public school (for senior high) is better than private school in Jakarta
Stranger: ah yeah
Stranger: that's odd
Stranger: because often here in melbourne, it's the other way around
You: haha vice versa
Stranger: with an exception for the public elite school
You: i think my school is one of the public elite school
Stranger: haha
Stranger: that's good then!
You: what should i call u? (if i may)
Stranger: Eric
You: ok
Stranger: i'm asian btw
Stranger: Chinese
Stranger: not quite Australian
You: allright
You: there are many chinese too in Indonesia
You: i often meet them in my Taekwondo practice
You: they are hardworker, aren't they?
Stranger: they tend to be
Stranger: but they sometimes suck socially
You: lol
Stranger: no like really
You: yea sometimes
Stranger: if you're studying in Australia
Stranger: you have to make sure you're english is descent
You: why?
Stranger: you get some asians who can't speak english
Stranger: and it's really god damn annoying
Stranger: because you feel sorry for them, having to ask them to repeat what they have to say quite a few times
Stranger: you know what i mean?
You: haha, thank god i've learn English
Stranger: plus
You: yes i do
Stranger: Australians like to say that we're not racist
Stranger: but
Stranger: we are
Stranger: we're racist, just like everyone else
Stranger: but we're also fairly multicultural
Stranger: more often than not
Stranger: people will accept who are you, and won't go out of their way to ruin you
You: wow,, in Indonesia we have an idelogy
Stranger: but if they had a choice between two people
You: "unity in diversity"
Stranger: they would pick one that is more akin to them
Stranger: well
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: we sort of have that ideology
Stranger: but you know
Stranger: it's an idea
Stranger: it's like an ideal that everyone follows
You: do you follow?
Stranger: but in reality, there are racist unspoke thoughts and mutual agreements
Stranger: oh yeah
Stranger: basic australian thing
Stranger: if you don't bother me, i won't bother you
You: ok
Stranger: and more often than not, it takes far too much effort to actually care
Stranger: i take the laziest option =)
Stranger: then again
Stranger: i'm fairly damn cynical
You: we have a different culture..
Stranger: we're from different parts of the world
Stranger: but
Stranger: you know
Stranger: don't judge a culture through one pair of eyes
Stranger: culture must be experienced
Stranger: because more often than not
You: i never judge actually, i just do like
You: taking the good part, throw the bad part, create a new one
Stranger: culture is essentially a set of unwritten and unspoken rules
You: yeah it's intangible
Stranger: are you a religious man?
Stranger: what is your name anyway?
Stranger: if you don't mind me asking?
You: not really,, but i believe in God
Stranger: so
Stranger: er
Stranger: sort of?
Stranger: catholic?
You: aswita(see my msn a.sweet@.. lol)
Stranger: haha i see, that's a pretty awesome name
You: haha thanks
Stranger: i should sleep
Stranger: i think i've add you on msn already
Stranger: you're offline right?
You: aha but i haven't add you
Stranger: sokay
You: oh ok ok
Stranger: GOODNIGHT!
You: goodnight
Stranger: nice meeting you
You: xiexie...
You: :)
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: :)
Stranger: bye!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Chatting sama Cewe Korea

sekarang gw lagi kecanduan "chatting with stranger" di
hari ini gw ketemu cewe korea, namanya hera.. jarang bgt gw ketemu stranger yg baik kaya dia... here is our conversation: (baca deh, haha)
Omegle conversation log
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: from?
Stranger: korea
You: nice.. f/m?
Stranger: f
Stranger: u?
You: m
Stranger: from?
You: Indonesia
You: age?
Stranger: 19
You: oops i'm only 16
You: what time is it there?
Stranger: 1o pm..
You: ok
You: have u been to Indonesia?
Stranger: NO. ANY place to recommend?
You: yogyakarta
You: medan, jakarta, bali, makasar
You: those are our famous cities
Stranger: ahh, bali is most famous in korea i assume..
You: yes, it's a nice place to go
Stranger: is there hot>
Stranger: ?
You: mmm, yes for korean
You: because there are so many beaches
Stranger: ahh, u already get used too the weather//
You: yes u're right..
You: but i'm sure u will like the culture
Stranger: anything want to know about korea?
You: mm, is swine flu still happening there??
Stranger: yeah,,
Stranger: unfortunatel.y,, there were two people died of the flu.
You: i'm sorry to hear that..
You: i have a friend,, she went to korea last month
You: but she came back to Indonesia lately because of swine flu
Stranger: maybe korea is different from indonesia in many ways..
Stranger: ahh, sorry to hear that.
Stranger: but, i think the flu is not that serious like south america..
You: thank god..
You: hey, in indonesia many girls like korean actors and singer
Stranger: ahh, i'm proud of korean entertainers. they
Stranger: are all handsome ,, pretty
Stranger: especially who they like?
You: i've ever heard about kim bum
You: lee min ho
Stranger: oh,,
Stranger: f4 is surely poplular..
Stranger: popular..
Stranger: they are like rising stars... su
Stranger: like super rookies?
Stranger: but i don't like kim bum..
You: you mean f4 from boys before flower??
You: my sister likes kim bum, haha
Stranger: yeah,, boys before flower..
Stranger: he,, is
Stranger: unfortunately ..
Stranger: not commented well..
Stranger: like rude,, ?
You: oh, so i should tell my sister,, haha
Stranger: yeah,, he thinks he
Stranger: is top ..
Stranger: so, he tends to ig
Stranger: nore
Stranger: some
Stranger: manners.
Stranger: i guess..
Stranger: but that doesn
Stranger: doesn't matter among girls maybe if they
Stranger: are '
Stranger: handsome^^;;
You: i've heard about DBSK. are hey popular too?
You: *are they popular?
Stranger: yeah,, i love them,, they
Stranger: are really good at singing...
Stranger: have a lot of good songs, too..
You: my sister likes Max Changmin
You: but i never heard their songs
Stranger: my friend's school teacher is his father.. hehe
You: wowwwww!!!!! do u know him??
Stranger: no,, just heard .. but he seems to be very proud of his son..
You: do u like max?
Stranger: to pick one,, i love micky..~~
You: oh, i see
Stranger: futhermore, he has same birthdate with me!!
You: haha nice
Stranger: who do you like wh
You: mmm, i dont know
Stranger: haha,
Stranger: just ur sister
Stranger: she maybe elementary school student?
You: no, senior high student like me
You: in Indonesia, there are so many korean actors and singers fans
You: how about shinee?
Stranger: ahh,
Stranger: u really know well about
Stranger: recent popular stars..
Stranger: they are nice ..
You: (my sister asks me to ask u,, is it okay?) hahaha
Stranger: ahah,,
Stranger: they are really polite~
Stranger: and sing well~~
Stranger: handsome~~
Stranger: worth loving~
You: haha, which is more popular??
Stranger: dbsk shinee?
You: yes
Stranger: ofcoure dbsk..
Stranger: they debuted more ago..
Stranger: shinee just got their debut..
You: can u suggest me some of DBSK most popular song?
You: cause i wanna know what makes my sister like them... haha :)
Stranger: hmm.. really hard..
Stranger: cause they have so many good songs..
Stranger: oh, let me think ..
Stranger: which genredo you prefer,, ballad
Stranger: or dance?\
You: mmm just give me 1 ballad,1 dance
Stranger: ok.. now i'm looking over my ipod.. haha..
Stranger: wait
Stranger: mirotic(dance the title of korea's 4th album)
Stranger: you're my melody(also song of korea
Stranger: 's 4th album,, it's ballad
You: ohhh, mirotic,, i know that
Stranger: as for me.. it's really happy that i can su
Stranger: suggest their good songs without hesitation.
You: ok
Stranger: how about crAZY LOVE..
You: what is that?
Stranger: title of song
You: ok i'll find it
You: how about female singer?
Stranger: where can you find?
You: mr. google
Stranger: right now there are so many korean female singers..
Stranger: to pick one..
Stranger: Girl's Generation..~
Stranger: 9 members..
You: wow
You: are they good?
Stranger: all of them are too lovely ~~
You: do u like them?
Stranger: yes,
Stranger: like their songs..
Stranger: the songs are really expressing teenagers minds well~~~
Stranger: can sympathize
You: wow
You: by the way, where do u live in korea?
Stranger: gee.. Genie... hope u listen
You: oke
You: hey, my sister ask u, do u know Changmin's father name?
Stranger: 심동식..
Stranger: ^^
You: how to read it? i can't read it ^^
Stranger: Shim dong Sik..
You: ok.. (haha my sister is getting happier to know that... kamsahamida^^)
Stranger: hahaha..
Stranger: but is it important?? their family's name?^^;;
You: ya, it makes her know more about her idol (maybe)
You: do u know, what subject does he teach? (i'm sorry for asking too much about max ^^)
Stranger: Korean!! but my friend always saying i can teach well than him!!!
You: why? is he a bad teacher? in what school does he teach?
Stranger: not bad.. just kidding..
Stranger: he seems to be boring ...
Stranger: girl's high school
You: ohhh...
You: hey, i learn Taekwondo here. do you?
Stranger: no,, i've have had no chance to learn it.. but i really wanted!!
You: i really like taekwondo
Stranger: relive stress?
You: i join taekwondo club in my school
You: yes, it relives stress
You: it's fun, taekwondo has kind of dance too, i like it
Stranger: ahh, i'm glad that school teaches Taekwondo..
Stranger: hmm,, do you plan to take some level? like black belt degree..
You: i hope next year... wish me..
Stranger: good luck.~~
Stranger: u can do it !!
You: kamsahamida^^ (is it correct?)
Stranger: gam sa ham ni da~~~
You: oooh,, hahaha,, so i'm wrong
You: i just hear it, so i don't know the correct one...
Stranger: teach me your language.. Thank you in indonesia.. oh,, do you use english?
You: no, we use indonesian
You: gam sa ham ni da = Terima kasih
Stranger: ohh,, difficult...
You: try it... te ri ma ka sih
Stranger: si.. h?
You: it sounds like "sih"
Stranger: okk. i'll practice it.. ~~
You: are u in college now?
Stranger: nono,, next year~
Stranger: as i mentioned, i;m a high school student~
You: oooh sorry i forget
You: hey, may i know your name?
Stranger: hera~
You: wow, it's a common name in Indonesia too..
Stranger: ohh, little bit dissapointed.. cause my name is somewhat rare.
You: ohh, so hera is rare in korea?
Stranger: quite..
Stranger: the name begins with he,, like heji,hemin,,is really common..
Stranger: but surprisingly
Stranger: hera is not that common.. as far as i know.
You: wow, congratz..
You: my name is really common in my country -_-
Stranger: hmm.. sometimes it is quite annoying.. i guess.
You: yaa, in one school, maybe 1 or 2 boys have a same name with me
Stranger: ever thougt changing name? haha just kidding
You: nope, hahaha
You: hera, in my neighbourhood, there are quite a lot of korean
Stranger: ahh, they may came for learning english??
You: as i know, they came here to work
Stranger: ahh,, i wonder what kind of work they do.
You: maybe they work in Korean company.
Stranger: ahh,,
Stranger: what time is there>
You: 21.13pm
You: how about there?
You: ohya,, are u in south korea??
Stranger: of course!!!!
Stranger: north korea do not have dbsk,!!!
Stranger: just kidding~~
Stranger: it's 2hrs later than ur time
You: oh, hahaha
You: which city do u live? seoul?
Stranger: yes~~ seoulite~~
Stranger: and u?
You: ohh, so in korea, it is 23.16pm
You: am i disturbing u,hera??
You: i live in Jakarta. the capital. hahaha
You: "jakmania" :)
Stranger: ahh~~ both of us live in capital~~
You: yes
You: i really want to go to korea..^^
You: my father has been to seoul, he said it's really cold
You: but less polution than here
Stranger: but now it's hot here. it's summer now.~
Stranger: hey let me knowur name
You: ohh, my father came there in winter, when snow falls
You: my name is Fachri
Stranger: is my e-mail..
Stranger: cause there's a TV show i want to catch.. i think i have to call it a day~~~~
You: i forget my mail address
Stranger: hahah,,
Stranger: there's no way to make a contact then?
Stranger: it was very good to meet u~~
You: maybe for temporary you can save my sister's
Stranger: oh, i saved it in my phone..
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: if
Stranger: if there's something u want to know about korea.. don't hestitate to send an email
You: great! it's a very kind of you..
Stranger: and i am wiiling to send some music files of korean songs.. if your sister wants!!
Stranger: buy Fachri~~~
You: yaaa, that's great too
Stranger: bye~~~
You: thanks
You: you the nicest stranger
You: i've ever met... ^^
Stranger: u 2!!!
Stranger: thank~~ u
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I'm not a blogger!!!

beuh, udah berabad-abad gw ga buka blog, ampe laleran gini cuy..
hemm, aktivitas gw kalo OL cuma facebook, 4shared, twitter, gitu-gitu.. bener2 males ngeblog..
i'm sorry, i'm not a blogger...
this blog is just a site that i'll visit if i got damn bored with other internet activities..

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Senin, 15 Juni 2009

PLAN incident #2 : escape !!!

hola demola semuanya, huaah,, akhirnya gw bisa ngeblog lagi, susah banget bagi waktunya. well first, gw mau ngelanjutin cerita tentang PLAN yg udah lama banget kejadiannya, tapi masih melekat di ingatan gue.
here it goes...

hemmm, mulailah kita syuting. sebelum syuting kita meeting dulu di lab, dannnnnnn yang dateng meeting itu cuma sedikit. rapat itu diadaain pas jam pelajaran terakhir, pd saat itu automatically gw ninggalin pelajaran sosiologi. gw liat cewe2 evil itu udah di deket lab, mereka juga pastilah ga ikut jam pelajaran terakhir. oke, datenglah ketuanya, dia mulai menyuruh anggotanya masuk lab buat rapat begitupun guru pembina yang nyempet nyempetin sebentar untuk ngeliat kita.

Guess what that evil girls said to us???

they said,," bentar ya gw mau ke kantin nemenin ini..", "iya gue juga deh" yasudah lah diizinkan oleh ketuanya yg mgkn trlalu baek sampe rela ya ditindas evil kaya gitu, kwacian. setelah beberapa menit hampir 10 menitan gitu, mereka ga dateng2. karena ga rela menit2 berharga itu terbuang hanya karena menunggu para evil itu akhirnya rapat di mulai dengan anggota yang minim. di rapat itu ditentukanlah siapa yg jadi talent karena kan script nya udh berubah, ketuanya bilang anak kelas 1 aja yg jd talent sama sebagian cowo2 kls 2. kita tentuin jadwal syutingnya dan lokasinya ditentuin di kota...

anggota yg ga ikut rapat (termasuk evil girls yg dari kantin ga balik2, gila!) dianggap setuju.

yey! waktunya syuting tiba, kita naik bis punya sekolah ke sananya ditemani 1 guru pembimbing... sesampainya di kota, pertama-tama kita ke fatahilah untuk ngambil sedikit gambar di halaman depannya. evil girls yg bertugas membuat script film kita itu TIDAK MEMBAWA SCRIPT yang sangat penting itu (gw malah mikirnya paling mereka ga buat, haha)

oke, kacaulah kita. habis sudah, hancur lebur, argh, ga tau kan mau mulai dari mana... apa perlu dimulai dengan adegan penyuapan sendal ke mulut evil girls itu gara2 mereka ga bawa scriptnya??? hah? ga mungkin kan?? mana kakak yg suka bilang "gampanglah,gampanglah" itu ga ikut syuting lagi,padahal dia yg menggebu2 membuat script baru setelah heboh mengecam script anak kelas satu... SPEAK doang!!!

oke, calm down, huuuffftt...

pertama-tama kita berencana mengambil scene yg gampang, yaitu ttg buang sampah sembarangan,, gw sampein ide gw ke salah seorang evil girls itu (dgn terpaksa & senyum palsu), ide gw itu banyak disetujuin sih. tapi reaksi evil girl itu malah ninggalin gw, ga natap gw, pergi gitu aja,, DAMN !!! sumpah DAMN abis... oh GOD... temen2 gw yg lain juga kesel sama evil girls itu termasuk ketuanya. maunya apa coba?? dan sewaktu syuting berjalan, mereka malah ngadem, beli minuman, sama sekali ga care sama kita,, guru gue juga kesel,, tp guru gue ga marahin sama sekali,, andai guru gue itu lebih tegas,, pasti ga bakalan kacau kaya gitu. yaa, dalam hal ini gw jg ngritik guru dan ketuanya juga sih karena ga bisa nyatuin kelompok ini. pengen bgt gue ngatur mereka, nyatuin pendapat2 anggota, pengen bgt project ini berjalan dgn baik, tapi APA DAYA GUE, men! yaa, gue sadar kali posisi gue apaan, ga mungkin langsung ngatur2.

well, karena gw suntuk dengan keadaan yang bener2 ga banget ini, dan karena udara kala itu bener2 terik, menyengat, angin juga kenceng kaya di gurun, serta karena gw sadar fisik gue emang ga strong, akhirnya gw CABUT... yeah gw putusin buat cabut dari lokasi syuting dengan perhitungan yang matang :

-udara panas bgt, gue bener2 ga kuat

-BT.. ga dianggep

-mending pulang daripada wasting time di sana

-i'm not one of them

am i too selfish pada saat itu???? YES, ABSOLUTELY... why?? gw punya skala prioritas men! gw mikir untung ruginya juga pas ngejalanin kegiatan itu. dari perhitungan itu gw tahu apa yang harus gue lakuin, karena yg tau diri gue ya cuma gue. "kalo begitu wit, berarti lo ga suka mencoba sesuatu yang baru dong? kan lo bilang lo selalu mikir skala prioritasnya dulu?" haha, don't get me wrong, dude. dalam kasus ini kan gue udah ngerasain dulu gimana kegiatannya, berarti pada awalnya motif gue ikut pasti ada rasa ingin tahu dan mencoba kan?? tp ketika seandainya lo ada dalam keadaan yg lo ga suka dan masih ada cara untuk menghindar yg sah2 aja,, kenapa kita ga menghindar aja, daripada harus terpaksa ngejalanin sesuatu itu. "haha gile lu sumpah wit lo egois banget!! " haha, sialan, hemm, emang menurut sebagian pihak tindakan yg gue ambil adalah tindakan yg egois, tapi daripada gue harus menyiksa sebagian pihak lagi karena
keputusan gue untuk tetep stay dlm keadaan itu... misalnya kalo gue ttp ikutin syuting yang ga jelas arah tujuannya itu dgn cuaca panas terik, terus besoknya gue sakit, kan orangtua gue lagi yang repot, keluar biaya obat, belum lg ketinggalan pelajaran. jd kita harus tahu yang mana yg lebih pantes dikorbanin.. kalo gue cabut emang gue ga naik kelas? engga kan? naaaah gitu sob. gw lebih baik ngorbanin kegiatan itu drpd harus nyiksa ortu gue kalo gue sakit, ato pulang kemaleman, drpd hrs bolos besoknya karena kecapean... ngerti? " weeeezzzzzzzz,,, mantap juga lo wit!" haha,, makasih :)

(tunggu! kok gue malah berdebat sama pikiran gue sendiri sih? haha)

well yang jelas gue kabur naek busway, jalan di kota sendirian, nyari halte busway yang ternyata jalan masuknya ada di bawah tanah (baru tahu gue) zzz, gue di jemput nyokap di sarinah, gue nunggu di burger king sekalian makan siang, huffft melelahkan

to be continued...

Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

PLAN !! incident #1

jadi gini, di sekolah gw tuh ada program School Link Project tentang Climate Change... Gw adalah salah satu dari 4 utas yg kepilih buat ikutan program ini. programnya menurut gua tuh kereeen. Nah, kita itu sekelompok sama ank kelas dua, jumlah mereka lebih banyak dari kita.


kita kan disuruh ngerjain projectnya,,, kita sepakat kan mau bikin film INDIE. Okei, ahirnya kita bagi-bagi tugas.. gw ama temen2 gue kebagian jadi scriptwriter. ya, gue ama temen2 gw tanggung jawab dong,, kita bikin tuh script,, gw yg nyusun ide temen2 gue dan gw juga yg nulis script.. sehari tuh script jadi.. gue serahin lah ke ketuanya.. ketuanya pun berusaha buat mensosialisasikan ke anggota yg lain...

stelah itu gue ga denger kabar apaapa lagi... sebulan kemudian ketuanya bilang kalo banyak yang ga setuju sama ceritanya,, katanya terlalu fiktif, pesannya ga nyampe, bla bla...

WHAT?? okelah gw sadar kekurangan gue. tapi KENAPA HARUS SEBULAN SETELAH GUE KUMPULIN SCRIPTNYA, COBA? deadlinenya April,, gw kasi scriptnya awal februari, mereka bilangnya pas minggu ke2 bln maret... BRAIN mereka kemana, gitu?? emosi bgt gue,,tp gue tahan.

ketuanya sih baik,, tapi ada beberapa anggota anak kelas duanya tuh yang super duper extra sangat very JAHAT,, entah karena emang mereka STUPID ato apa yg jelas mereka jahat bgt sama ank kelas satu.. (wooooooo timpukin woooo!!! najong) pdhl anak osis katanya. ketuanya bilang mereka selalu menghindar pas ditanyain ttg projectnya. susah bgt ditanyain, judes, don't care bgt, tp anehnya mereka malah mau ngemban tugas yg susah,, sok sok aja depan guru,, bloody hell!!
well, mereka ngedump script kita begitu aja. no reason, no socialisation, no explanation, no mercy pokoknya noo banget. mereka putusin bikin script baru. dari film indie jadi film dokumenter. when i read the script,, ohh God!! standard bgt ------zzzz----- gw ga bilang punya gw lebih bagus looh, tp gw iya iyain aja,, abisnya bnyk yg setuju.
gw tanya sama satu orang kls 2 yg suka ngomong, "kak, siapa yg buat script?" kata dia " udahlah gampang, si ini sama si itu yg bikin" "oooohhhh,, terus kita?" " udahlah gampang"... percakapan ini terjadi di depan orang PLANnya,, kita disuruh buat laporan gitu.. hahaha Reporting No Action gitu dehh... disitu kita disuruh bikin judul filmnya.. dan judulnya adalah JAKARTA VIRGINITY.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz emang sih judulnya catchy,jd kita setuju, (yaeyalah secara gw cuma utasss!!!ga dianggep lg) gw sih wkt itu brharap ni film bakalan keren. judul sudah, tinggal rincian biaya sama purposes nya... eh shooting schedule juga deng. Dikumpulinlah tuh tugas...
I'm sure you can guess,, what's next?
NO communication, NO responsible, NO action, NO teamwork, no no no,,, pokoknya no ngapa-ngapain.. gue sih santai aja, orang gua Ga punya wewenang, ga dianggep, ga dikasih tugas, giliran mau gue bantuin para cewe evil itu ngeremehin gtu tampangnya,terus ada yg cuma bilang "gampanglah, gampang" (gampang, engkong lo gampang?) , cuma beberapa yg bisa diajak diskusi..
to be continued